RABOURDIN offers a range of gas springs produced on its cutting-edge production line. All springs carry ISO-compliant markings and comply fully with the EC PED (97/23/EC) directive
  • Gas spring are filled only with nitrogen (N)
  • Maximum filling pressure: 15 MPa
  • A maximum operating temperature of 80°C
  • Located in bespoke housings or secured by clamps
  • Our springs can operate autonomously or be incorporated into pressure regulating systems
  • 7 product families: 19 to 195 diameter with application forces ranging from 150 daN to 18410 daN
  • Competitive prices
  • A power-to-size ratio that saves space and reduces costs
  • High-quality design to reduce maintenance and boost productivity
  • Above-average quality standards, even when operating in severe environments

Our range

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The Spring range is focused closely on the needs of cutting and swaging operations. The majority of our customers are toolmakers, tool designers and tool maintenance services.

Our range is designed to address the latest constraints of the swaging and cutting market, and contains those types of spring most used by component manufacturers.

Our springs offer the best power-to-size ratio available in the market, and therefore reduce plate thicknesses and in-tool machining. They therefore contribute to smaller and cheaper tool design solutions.