Guiding tools, either in the mold or for punching and stamping, is a major design consideration. RABOURDIN holds a very large stock of parts for its mold-making and press tooling customers.
  • NF, ISO and DIN standards compliance
  • A complete range of demountable blocks for high-speed designs using column or ball bearing guide bushes.
  • Our choice of high-quality steels and faultless heat treatment ensure that the mechanical properties of our products enable them to withstand significant loads with limited seizing
  • To extend the working life of its tools even further, RABOURDIN SAS offers solutions such as TGR anti-friction coating (zero additional thickness) and DLC, which reduces the friction coefficient of cylindrical guide pillars
  • A range of SINT-ER sinter-coated self-lubricating bushes
  • Steel and bronze bushes with inserts interchangeable with SINT-GR sinter-coated bushes
  • A range of SINT-ER sinter-coated reduced size bushes interchangeable with standard bushes available in the market
  • A wide range of assured precision options with a range of intermediate diameters
  • Products Certified for automotive industry use
  • Solutions for applications with or without lubrication
  • Extended tool life offered by the SINTER-coating, TGR anti-friction coating or DLC coating solutions
  • The option to work with SINTER-coated bushes in clean environments
  • Extensive choice of ball bearing guide bush dimensions
  • All ranges are held in stock for rapid sourcing and supply
  • High-quality, high-precision manufacture
  • Technical support and advice
  • RABOURDIN quality = Durability = Savings
  • Product traceability / tracking over time

Our range

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These high-quality, precision products make it possible to design and produce tools with guaranteed optimum performance and long working life.

There are two distinct types of guide: cylindrical guides and ball bearing guides. The range of steel guiding components that includes straight and stepped pillars (with or without centering plugs), and headed and headless steel, sintered and bronze bushes with self-lubricating inserts meets the majority of requirements for the design of ISO- and DIN-compliant molds and punching/stamping tools.

Our longstanding expertise in the manufacture of pillars and bushes, the choice of high-quality steels and faultless heat treatment together guarantee a level of quality unmatched anywhere else in the market, and long-term economies in terms of tool wear.