RABOURDIN offers a series of component ranges covering the different methods used to locate tooling components: pins, sleeves, bushes, plots, guide bar units and fine centering units.
  • Standards-compliant dowel pins
  • Stainless steel dowel pin ranges
  • Threaded and cylindrical dowel pins
  • Round centering plugs
  • Rectangular guide bar units
  • Fine centering units
  • Stock ranges
  • Product quality
  • Fine centering units ensure extremely precise centering of the fixed and moving parts of the mold
  • The centering units are interchangeable with competitor ranges
  • Product traceability / tracking over time

Our range

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Our steel dowel pins (extractable and non-extractable) can also be phosphated on request. The characteristics of the steel selected for these products allow them to achieve a mechanical strength of 2,000 MPa (55 HRC) as a result of appropriate heat treatment.

Their abrasion resistance is also much higher than that normally offered by products readily available in the market. Both the standard steel and stainless steel ranges are stock items.

Rectangular guide bar units and fine centering units for molds extend the range designed for mold plate location and centering.