RABOURDIN manufacturers standard screws in lengths up to 500 mm, and special screws for a very diverse range of applications, including tooling, the automotive industry, the rail industry, special machine manufacture and defense systems.
  • Standards-compliant cylindrical screw (with and without shoulder)
  • Spring plunger
  • Adjustable shoulder bolt
  • Stock ranges
  • High-quality screws developed out of aerospace industry expertise
  • Technical support and advice
  • Product traceability / tracking over time

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The production processes used (derived from the aircraft industry) and our careful choice of materials ensure that these screws achieve a level of quality well above the market average, and are recognized as such across a very broad range of applications.

Our 1021 screw is an industrial success story. The increasing level of demand for special production runs in stainless steel has encouraged RABOURDIN to produce standard ranges within those product families where this trend is strongest. The 1031 shouldered screw is the first stainless steel range to be introduced.