Wear plate

As a partner of automotive manufacturers, RABOURDIN maintains an extensive stock of wear components used by toolmakers for cutting and swaging tools required to comply with ISO, CNOMO and other standards.
  • Components fully compliant with automotive industry standards
  • Wear components in steel, bronze and bronze with inserts
  • A range of wear plates
  • A range of wear slide rails
  • A range of Vee and 1/2-Vee wear slide rails
  • Electropneumatic plates
  • A set of components approved for automotive use
  • Technical support and advice
  • Product traceability / tracking over time

Our range

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The wear components range includes series of plates and slide rails of two types: either bronze with graphite inserts, or steel components surface treated for very high levels of hardness and equally high levels of resistance to wear and seizing.

These steel components are interchangeable with those from the bronze range. Vee and 1/2-Vee wear slide rails in nitrided steel and electropneumatic plates complete the range of movement components designed for press toolmakers.

Codified by automotive manufacturers, these products and wear bushes and dowels of the same type are exported to every country in the world where tools are made. In addition to these standard products, RABOURDIN is able to provide special components produced to customer designs and supplied with short lead times.