Punch / Headless die

Although designed primarily for sheet metal cutting, RABOURDIN punches and headless dies are also used in other applications with other materials. Economically priced and of consistently high quality, our punches are available in cylindrical form with cylindrical or conical heads, and in a range of different standard shapes with and without ejectors.
  • Punches and dies fully compliant with ISO and NF standards
  • Standard catalog products and products manufactured in accordance with drawings supplied
  • Punches are offered in an ANTI-FRICTION version with TGR coating
  • TGR coating adds no thickness, but improves punch friction resistance for faster working speeds
  • Significantly lower probability of seizing, lock-up, fretting, sticking or metalization as a result of heat: Substantially extended tool life with TGR anti-friction coating
  • Quality
  • Technical support and advice
  • Product traceability / tracking over time

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Naturally, the range also includes dies of equivalent shape and profile. The choice of materials offered enables the cutting of high-strength sheet materials. The TGR coating offered as an option on our punches adds no thickness, but improves their working life and limits any sticking to the material being cut.