Lifting rings, eye bolts and lifting pins are intended primarily for use in the load handling operations involved in the transportation of machine tools and components. They are equally suitable for industrial applications involving the use of lifting cables, chains, slings and straps.
  • A range of standards-compliant lifting rings
  • The SEB Swivel Eye Bolt is fitted with an automatic correction system that ensures optimum orientation in the plane of the sling. It also offers high SWL performance in all directions
  • The DSR Double Swivel Ring has been specially designed for lifting rotating loads. Its double swivel ensures that it is always perfectly aligned with the sling. Also available in a stainless steel version (SS.DSR), it can be used in damp, corrosive and chemical environments
  • Offering an SWL of up to 32.1 tonnes per ring, the DSS Double Swivel Shackle is specially designed for lifting and turning heavy loads. A stainless steel version (SS.DSS) is also available
  • The DSS double swivel shackle also features a very large shackle aperture
  • The Mega DSS can be used directly with the hook of a gantry crane, and is specially designed to cope with loads of up to 50 tonnes per lifting shackle
  • The 5930 lifting pin: Safety is further enhanced by the inclusion of a spring in the head of the pin, which displaces the locking ring from its central axis into its eccentric locking position. The lifting pin then remains in the locked position, and even when subjected to continuous vibration, it cannot release itself
  • Product quality = Product safety
  • Broad choice of catalog products
  • Patented shackle designs
  • Technical support and advice
  • Product traceability / tracking over time

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At RABOURDIN, product safety is synonymous with product quality. This is why a diverse range of lifting rings meeting very precise specifications has been added to the range. Our 5930 lifting pin is designed for use in machine tool manufacturing and load transportation applications.