RABOURDIN has always devoted a substantial part of its catalog to standard mold ejection components. A very broad choice of ejectors is offered, with an extremely large range of dimensions, all of which are stock items: ejector pins, blade ejectors and ejector sleeves, with cylindrical or conical heads, nitrided, lapped or hardened.
  • A broad choice of cylindrical head ejector pins and a range of conical head ejector pins
  • Ejectors ranging in diameter from 0.8 mm to 32 mm in lengths up to 1350 mm
  • A choice of steel grades is offered: hardened, nitrided, non-nitrided, lapped nitrided and stainless steel
  • All ejector heads are hot forged for optimum holding strength
  • TGR coating adds no thickness, but improves ejector friction resistance for faster working speeds
  • Three-plate mold guide solutions with mold opening devices
  • Products for ejector assembly design: stop pins, knockout rods and bushed ejector rods
  • Slanted slides, slide holding devices and angle pins
  • - Manufacture of high-precision ejectors backed by historic expertise
  • Quality assured by the materials selected and the treatments and/or finishes offered
  • Significantly lower probability of seizing, lock-up, fretting, sticking or metalization as a result of heat: Substantially extended tool life with TGR anti-friction coating
  • An extensive choice of stock ejector pins
  • A comprehensive range for the design of mold slides enabling the molding of complex shapes
  • Technical support and advice
  • RABOURDIN quality = Durability = Savings
  • Product traceability / tracking over time

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The steels used to manufacture these products are selected for their superior quality and ability to deliver a higher-than-average level of mechanical strength, as is the case with our nitrided ejectors.

The range also includes DLC-coated blade ejectors. A comprehensive range of products enabling the use of slides in the ejection phase has recently been extended with the addition of several ranges of slide holding devices, slanted slides and angle pins. Mold plate opening devices and bushed plate ejector rods are also available.