15 February 2017


Ulysses, the famous hero of Greek mythology, is renowned for his “cunning intelligence”.

At RABOURDIN, we have put our cunning intelligence to work to create our own complete and autonomous in-house production facility for standard (1021/1031) fasteners to ensure full compliance with customer standards, drawings and/or specifications for aerospace, medical and many other applications.

The concept involves building standalone production units by bringing together the forged/heat-treated blanks needed to produce all our fastener products around a central robotic arm.

So in a single unit, we have a DMG-MORI lathe, a MITSUBISHI robot, a KEYENCE vision system (for final inspection of all dimensions), a KEYENCE indexing camera, a centering unit, a SENY thread rolling machine and a blank feed system.

The Ulysses system makes it possible to produce fastening products from M3 to M12 in lengths from 10 mm to 150 mm. The Ulysses system offers completely reliable continuous production with In-Process Control and automatic drift correction.

Precision, versatility, speed and autonomy were our key objectives when designing and creating this production unit. This new resource enables RABOURDIN to serve its customers even more efficiently.