28 July 2020


CODITRACER is a traceability tool that ensures the traceability of the ring in each step of its way: in the production of the raw material, in the assembly of the ring, in its distribution and in its use.

Developed on the basis of Blockchain technology, it guarantees the security and confidentiality of information.

Information in real time

Instant 24/7 access to general information: certificate of conformity, instruction manual, technical data sheet, etc.

Maximal traceability

Supported by the BLOCKCHAIN technology, traceability of the rings from the launch of the GRADUP range until today.

Authentication and security

Reliable and forgery-proof origin and data of CODIPRO’s products.

Enhanced digitization process

Speed of processing of requests and dematerialization of documents (environmental directive 2018/852).

Controlled cost

The software is FREE OF CHARGE.

Proof of quality

Lifting rings now guaranteed for 7 years.