10 September 2019

Rabourdin presents LEO

RABOURDIN presents LEO, the latest product designed and manufactured in-house by the RABOURDIN teams.

LEO is an automated lathe that allows to produce mainly the flagship product of RABOURDIN 1021, and the special screw assembly for the Aeronautics. It has a machining capacity of 100 mm in X and Z and a production rate ranging from 50p/H to 110p/H depending on lengths and finishes. Léo is fully automated and has automatic loading thanks to a Mitsubishi RV4-RLLM articulated robot.

It is equipped with 4 tools and a camera for indexing parts. LEO is able to correct discrepancies on its own through an integrated parts control measurement system. A tactile HMI specially designed for RABOURDIN completes the equipment to make it intuitive to use.

Check out the presentation video